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Wow I havent written here in like forever. I dont write here or in my domain blog in ages. If you are curious or just bored, go to my photo blog for a visual blog. Tata!

So my domain is down for like x # of days now... I feel so empty without it. My collective is up thought which is so damn weird considering how my domain is the reseller and the collective is a subdomain. I hope everything will resolve soon with the new dedicated IP that I'm getting.. I've never had a dedicated ip for a site ever...

This is the 3rd set of image packs. Please credit/comment if you want to use them.

More Imagepacks hereCollapse )

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This is also posted in icongradients

I've posted up my second set of image packs. I've added a zip file for those who suggested it in my last posting. :)

You can download the zip in here. Also the first set can be downloaded in here

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I just wanted to post that Ive created some textures for 100x100 lj icons. So yes the first set is here. Please credit if you want to use them.

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Finally got a LJ account... Where have i been?

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